After "Double Wife | Double Life," join Paul as he fights to bring down the international trafficking ring he uncovered in "Double Wife's" Chapter 22, in ...



Blown away
Ms. Eden

I absolutely loved Double Wife Double Life, and this latest addition keeps up the pace. I read the first one in record time, and absolutely devoured this one as well. It has everything- true crime, international intrigue, sex trafficking and more. Well-written and every bit as fascinating as the previous installment. Five stars.

The Everyday Hero

By Oleg Medvedkov

The main character, Paul, is what I would describe as the Everyday Hero.
He is not exactly the James Bond style of the protagonist, not yet. His civilian roots still show in his reactions and naivete. However, he does not lack courage or determination and those qualities allow him to survive dangerous situations and move him forward in his investigations.

"Get Him!" When You Hear That Yelled in Russian, you know you are in for a Bad Day

By Rocky

This is one of those page turner books that is tough to set aside because the pace and action carries you along. Ryan Sinclair has a singular gift for describing the interior and often conflicted thoughts of Paul. Not everything is black and white or as it seems and this is of course part of his books' appeal to me. From When Paul hears the guttural voice shout in Russian, "Get him!" you are caught up in Pauls' struggle just to stay alive.




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IMAGINE you discover that your wife was not only in love with another man, but this man was her PIMP, and she was his MADAM and PROSTITUTE.

IMAGINE you learn that your wife married you for the sole purpose of stealing your assets, that to her, you were JUST ANOTHER TRICK, one who instead of paying “up front” was expected to pay at the end, when she divorced you.

IMAGINE you learned that your beloved wife was running her segment of a multi-state, multi-million dollar prostitution ring,right from your bedroom, ON YOUR WEDDING NIGHT,by calling her pimp, the man she was ACTUALLY in love with, THREE TIMES, after you had fallen asleep.

Folks, in my case, NO IMAGINATION WAS NEEDED.   I’m Paul T. Goldman, and, as unbelievable as it sounds, all this happened to me.

  - Paul T. Goldman


An amazing read!  Rarely do I pick up a book and can't put it down! 
- Jeanine 

Who needs all the crime television shows when you have such an amazing book like this? 
- Travis James

I thought I was the only one who got dup'd... I will keep watching your progress... you have inspired me.
- Reuben Q