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HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if you discover that your wife was not only in love with another man, but this man was her PIMP, Royce Rocco, and she was his MADAM and PROSTITUTE.

After this shocking discovery, I undertook a twofold mission:  Protect other innocent victims from her, and... BRING DOWN THE WHOLE PERVERTED RING.


Later, I discovered that her prostitution ring was not just local, but was also an international human trafficking organization, bringing in girls from Southeast Asia, specifically Cambodia, USING FORGED PASSPORTS.


From Chapter 22.  Their international sex trafficking.  A crinkled-up photo of the girl they brought to Cambodia to be a prostitute in the ring.


Double Wife  is my TRUE story.  Yes, I unknowingly married a prostitute and a madam .

I admit it, I was a WIMP .

But then I became a WARRIOR.  I contacted local media, local law enforcement, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and Interpol.

And, I wrote everything down.  I wrote the book, wrote the screenplay, and contacted HOLLYWOOD.  I'm not allowed to say more about that, except ... you may soon be seeing my story in theaters, or on television.


 In the fictional sequel to Double Wife, THE PAUL T. GOLDMAN CHRONICLES, join me as I assemble an unlikely team, including the hit man hired to kill me, and Svetlana,  the woman I let get away a dozen years before, to help bring Royce to justice.


Paul T. Goldman continues his mission, begun in TARGET, to bring down Royce Rocco's international European trafficking operation.  From Saint Petersburg to Athens, Paul and Svetlana fight for their lives . 

In St. Petersburg, Paul makes the most horrific discovery yet: a baby factory, where the ring is developing its "product" from birth.  

In Athens, they are joined by Count Dimitri Rostov, who makes Svetlana an offer she may not be able to refuse. 


 In this final chapter of the PAUL T. GOLDMAN CHRONICLES trilogy, Paul and his team return to America for the final confrontation with Royce Rocco. 

Will Paul get his "payback"?

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